Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Twiet Crew!

What an incredibly awesome day yesterday! INCREDIBLY! AWESOME! DAY!

We finally got to meet the entire Twietmeyer crew (http://www.projecthopeful.org/) and what an incredible bunch they are. I had spent quite a bit of time with Kiel because he has been over remodeling our girl's room, but we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting the rest of them. Kiel was coming over to help me install the heater cover (wrong one again for the third time) and we decided to make an event out of it. The plan was he would load the family up and they would hang out while he helped me install the cover. Afterward we would all load up in the "Twiet mobile", meet Diana (wife) at work and head to China Town (Chicago) and feast together.

I can't describe the experience of seeing them ALL for the first time. Wow comes to mind! I met them at the front door and one by one they kept coming in as if there was no end to the line. Way at the end i could see this little powerhouse of a woman directing the pack. I continued welcoming them in one at a time and before you knew it there stood Carolyn. She was totally representing with her "HOPE+" shirt and "147 million orphans" purse. I use the word "purse" loosely because it is actually the size of an overnight bag but when your a mommie of a big crew, its a purse! I'm in absolute awe of her drive and determination and I think all of us will agree, "Thank God for Carolyn"!

Finally, Kiel was up and i was like "Dude", and he was like "Dude", And i was like "What up"! I so totally made that last part up but that it absolutely the level we are at. What was really said is "I have some good/bad news". The bad is while i was waiting for them to arrive i opened the box of the new part, the one he was coming to help install, again wrong one! Get back Satan! The good is we get to just sit around and enjoy each other. And that it exactly what we did! God always triumphs!

I was totally locked and loaded and ready for the Twiet crew. I had the Wii all fired up, coloring books and crayon's on the table, cement chalk on the front porch, a pot of fresh coffee brewed and the family dogs sitting at attention (yea right!). Let's see I'm forgetting something, oh yes, and a big bag of leftover Halloween candy! Ha Ha, you never pass up a chance to send that stuff down the road.

This family flows! They all just kind of found their place and started having fun. Carolyn, Kiel and myself were able to spend nearly the first 30 minutes talking about our adoption virtually uninterrupted. Where were the kids you ask? They were right there, all around us! This fascinates me but maybe because I'm not used to seeing the large family dynamic.

About 4pm we all loaded into the "Twiet mobile" and headed in the direction of Chinatown. We met Diana at work and the Twiet's followed us the rest of the way. We found parking without issue and nearly right in front of the restaurant. Another thing about the Twiet's that amazed me is how fast they get in and out of the Twiet mobile. It was like watching a magic trick. "Now you see them, now you don't"!

I was holding the door of the restaurant open and directing the flow when it appeared that one of them broke ranks and was about to get away. I reached out quickly to grab ahold of the little wrangler and nearly had a hand full of the coat when i realized it wasn't a wayward Twiet but somehow a little chinese lady had mixed herself in with the pack. Whew! That could have been awkward! Hey it wouldn't have been my fault, she totally blended in!

Again, to my amazement, everyone found a seat very quickly. Props to Kylie for being such an incredible big Sis! She totally is Carolyn's Lieutenant! We ordered the "family" meal and the food started coming out pretty quickly. I have to say Thank you to Kiel for letting me get a little practice in and pan after his children! The meal went very well and was full of laughter. Someone told Selah the sweet and sour chicken was actually rabbit, and she decided she wasn't eating rabbit. I told her that they are only cute when they have fur on them and that seemed to make it all better! ;)

Meal finished and the crew flowed back in the direction which we came. We gave them all a squeeze and watched the magic trick one more time. And off they went!
This experience left us considering that our 4 girls could only be the start of something! We'll be called the "The Lew Crew" and perfect a magic trick of our own! Our experience has left us wanting to get the word out that it can be done and it can be awesome! If your thinking of having a big family and have any questions, just invite the Twiet's to dinner!

The Lewis's

"The Lew Crew"


  1. You guys are the best!! We had an amazing time and look so forward to watching yor family blossom :)...Alexi is quite the cool guy as well!! WHAT an awesome big brother he will be!
    KEEP BLOGGING EVERYONE needs the father's perspective!!!
    Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!

    ALL for ONE!!

  2. Wish you could "like" posts on blogs like you can do in Facebook. I would definitely "like" this :)

  3. They ARE fun! We wish we were closer! That is fantastic that you got to get together.