Monday, November 9, 2009

The all important "First Post"!

I've tried my hand at blogging a few times before and always seemed to lose interest. But this blog is different because it has a real drive behind it. It is created as an avenue for our friends and family to be connected to our journey through life and our adoption of four Precious and absolutely perfect little hiv+ girls from Eastern Europe.

HIV+ is a condition they have and not what they are. What they are is four little angelic beauties. They are perfect in every way and we totally get it that WE ARE THE MOST BLESSED PARENTS IN THE WORLD to be allowed to adopt these precious little flowers.

That last statement is absolutely how we feel. But then the reality sets in that until they are tucked warmly into their beds in our home we cannot safely call them ours. Please pray that God will bring our girls home to us! We are so in Love with these little bananas and we want them here with us where they belong!

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