Monday, November 9, 2009

God's Faithfulness!

Adoption from another country is very expensive and to bring our GiRlz home we need to raise about $35k. We were not sure how we were going to do this. What we did know is we live in a awesome community full of people with GIANT HEARTS!

There were two places that came to mind so yesterday i set out to visit them.I went to St. John Pub, which is a little place that Diana and I go to relax and eat "the best chicken wings in the world"! Over the years we have come to know the people there a admire thier hearts. I knew just who I had to talk to but when i arrived Sky wasn't there. I talked with a few people and a few minutes later Skye walked in the door. She wasn't there to work, it appeared she was just dropping off supplies. (No doubt a God thing that she showed up!) I told her about our girls and we shared some tears and a hug. She is going to work on a fundraiser and i can tell you already it is going to be awesome. I know these people and when they get motivated, they get it done!

I also visited the Lake Hills Fire Department. Why? I'm not sure other than i just had a feeling i needed to go there and ask them for help. Firemen save lives, Period! They have the biggest hearts and i believe that is why i was lead to them. I talked with several of the firemen there and all seemed very eager to help. They are going to talk it over with the rest of thier brothers and call me back. I'm very encouraged and will be praying!


  1. Shane,
    I look forward to following your blog from now until you bring those girls home! I know many people will tell you that you're a saint for adopting chidren with HIV. What you and I know is that, in the world of adoption, we GET far more than we GIVE! Our 2 special needs sons (and the one who is on the way) are not the lucky ones . . . we are! Keep on blogging and I'll keep reading and praying.
    Nikki in NC
    adopting Ezequiel (22 months, Philippines, Down Syndrome)

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comment! I sent a pray up for your family and look forward to hearing the great news that Ezequiel is home where God intended him to be....Shane