Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mother Charged with Human Trafficking!


Mother charged with Human Trafficking!

"God! Is it okay that i'm furious with my Church right now? I don't know! All i know is for nearly a year i've been trying to get them to just mearly mention how wide spread and hidious this crime of Human Trafficking is and haven't even received as much as a peep. I sent out hundreds of emails, personally visited and sent a hand written letter...No response! Nothing! Zip! I wasn't asking to take any of the precious money from the offering plate! I made that clear! All i asked for was for them to bring awareness to the cause and ask people (Christian people) to sign a petition telling our politicians we stand firm against this! We call ourselves Your children but we can't even do that! Lord, we are so pitiful! How is it that you still love us? How is it even possible? Why does your Love and patience Carry?"

To my Church! Make no mistake about it, we are responsible for what happened to this little girl and all little girls just like her! We did this to her! If collectively, as God's people, we sounded our Thunderous voice against this, it would not have happened! I am responsible! I could have done more! I could have been more vocal! They told me I was being judgemental so I backed off! I am responsible! She is 5 for God's sake! Last seen being taken into a Motel room with an adult male for God's sake!

"Once our eye's are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our soul's, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act."

The Brothel keepers and Pedophiles awaken everyday focused on what they're going to do that day! Why aren't we just as focused at stopping them? Are we as Christians in retreat? We used to stand firmly against injustice? Take a good look into her eyes! Can you imagine what these past 5 days have been like for her?

Am I judging? I'm not the Judge!



  1. Thank you for posting this. This story makes me angry and sad and frustrated. I keep thinking about her mother, who knowingly placed her into this situation.

    I have been moved by trafficking, it breaks my heart, and it is happening in my city. I am sorry people were not as receptive as you'd like.

  2. We did this to her! If collectively, as God's people, we sounded our Thunderous voice against this, it would not have happened!

    I was shocked when I learned from IJM that when they go out and talk to our law makers, what they say is "We're with you. It's hideous! But it's just not something our voters care about". We are more concerned about "US" than some little child being raped!

    God help us!

  3. The poor child's body has been found, discarded alongside the freeway as if it were trash. Police are searching for another male suspected to be involved.

    This is beyond sad. As the mother of young daughters, I am saddened and horrified by this.

    We need to have more comprehensive drug rehabilitation and mental health services in this country. To trade your child, your 5 year old baby, into prostitution for a drug fix...that is barbaric. This should never be allowed to happen in a civilized society. This beautiful child deserved better. See never stood a chance.

  4. Thank you for the comment Sheri! It really runs deeper than that. From 2006 to 2008 reported rape in this country has increased 25%. That means there is a trend happening and unless we get tough now there may be no coming back.

    Your right in that she never had a chance! Even if she lived she would never had truly lived given the trauma she was put through. So why wouldn't we put the crime of rape on the same level as murder? It is after all murder isn't it?

    We don't have to judge the person that did this. Something may have happened in thier life that turned them into this monster that rapes babies. But they still should pay the price! Obviously the price isn't steep enough if rape is increasing!


  5. You are kidding? They say that its not an issue voters care about? Have we lost our souls?? I hate it. I hate that the community that cares is SO small. WAKE UP WORLD! I hate how self centered we are as a whole. I would give up everything I have to bring home a baby from RR. I don't need things. Things are nothing. Unfortunately most don't feel that way. Argh. I'm frustrated and at a loss for what to do

    I refuse to stand by and let anything like this happen again. You and I have clearly been moved to action. Not quite sure what action yet, but I cannot get that girls face out of my mind. I want to cry.

  6. Organize a bus load of people and set an appointment with your Senator and Congressman!

    Here is how it works. An email is 1 point, call 5 points, hand written letter 100 points and a personal visit is way up there!

    Now go get 'em!

  7. There is a lady--I can't remember her name--but she has arisen as a voice and force against human trafficking. I think she was or is associated with the Salvation Army--not sure. You might want to try to track her down and see if there is something we can all do to help . . . ? Joining forces with her (if she's being effective already) could be a good way to jump in.

  8. Hi there - I am a fellow RR adopting parent. I thought I'd drop in and say "hello" and mention my parents and a lot of my family are from Crown Pointe!

  9. International Justice Mission is working hard in the fight against Human Trafficking. The issue is they need our teeth so they have bite in the fight!

    You have to get to your politicians and firmly let them know where you stand on Human Trafficking. Demand stiffer punishment for rapists. And even stiffer for child rapists! You can make a difference!

    Also demand that your Church get involved. These are God's children. Don't accept that "that's not the direction we're heading right now" crap! Paul said "I was all things to all people"!

  10. Everyone, I asked Austin from International Justice Mission to tune in here and help us organize.

    He'll be back in the office tomorrow so we should hear from him soon.

  11. Hello All! Thanks again, Shane, for all that you are doing to rally people around issues of human trafficking and how entire communities can rise up against it. Please check out and in the upper part of the page click on "Get Involved" for ways to get involved specific to who you are. We are revamping that page, but check it out. If any if you have any questions, Shane can pass along your info to me.

    Continue to raise a voice!