Monday, November 9, 2009

Preparing a place for them!

We have been remodeling this room for about a year and really hadn't given it any priority. But when we found our girls that all changed. Some crazy connections (Thanks Kiel) were made and the room is nearly completely finished. I have to go again today to try and find the right size cover for the heater and then the carpet guy is coming!

FYI: Kiel Twietmeyer ( has some freakish talent as a carpenter/painter! After the girls get here we are definately going to put him to do more remodeling for us.


  1. Shane, it is so exciting to hear so much excitement in the blog of a dad. I have read lots of mommy's blogs but only a few from a father's perspective. I am so glad these 4 little girls are going to have such a great family. Joy, RR

  2. Thank you Joy! These girls are in my heart for sure. Carolyn Tweitmeyer said exactly the same thing yesterday. She had been hoping for a Dad blog because she thought people would like to hear the Dad perspective. I hope i don't disappoint.