Monday, November 9, 2009

Our GiRlz!

We want Sooo much to brag to all of you about our girls. The truth is we don't really know much about them except for they are the most beautiful creatures we have ever set our eyes on and they are HIV+. I will tell you what i can about them but our agency has advised us against posting their pictures and the country they are from. We don't really understand why but they seem to know what they are doing so we have to trust them.

Natasha: It was up in the air for awhile if we were going to be able to adopt her along with our other girls. There was another family that was interested in her. They were from the area so if they had adopted her it wouldn't have been so bad because the rest of our girls would have been able to visit with her. But the family decided to just adopt one child (which our girls grew up with and will get to see regularly). I didn't really know what a blessing that period on unknowing was. Through the process i discovered that we are "Head over Heals" in Love with our Natasha. My wife pointed out to me after we found out the other family passed on her that she looks just like me! I hadn't really noticed that before.

My heart was breaking yesterday and the tears where flowing freely (Thanks for the HUG Skye!) when i learned a little more about our (soon to be) daughter Natasha. Although not everything is clear about her life, what we do understand is she knew her Mommie before she passed and has family still alive that doesn't visit her. Possibly because she has HIV but we're not going to judge them. But the heart of a child is very different than ours and they can teach us so very much about forgiveness and Love! Natasha has some Dollies that she cares for. She sometimes makes clothes for them and loves to tell people about them. Because she knows the hurt of losing her Mommie and the loneliness of not having any visitors, she made her Dollies a promise "I will always take care of you and never leave you, so you will not ever feel lonely and forgotten"! I'm crying my eyes out right now. It doesn't matter how many times i read this story about her, the tears always flow!

Yana: This little girls in the cutest button in the tin! When you see her you just want to snatch her up and hug the heck out of her. They tell us she is a singer. That she has a great ear for music and a pleasure to hear sing. They say about her "When she sings, she forgets how hard it is to be an orphan".

Katya: Gorgeous! When you see her you will be stunned by her super pretty face and sparkling deep blue eyes. Her mommie passed but we don't know if she ever knew her. She does have older siblings but no one comes to visit her.

Oksana: The only thing we know about her is her birth month and year. But there is something very special about this little girl. She stole my heart at first sight!

A Proud Papa!


  1. I am SO happy for you and for these girls! Yana has always grabbed hold of me, she is such a cutie! [I am adopting a Yana too, from another country... :), so I am partial to that name]

    God will make a way. He always does! Great prayers for you my friend!

  2. How exciting!! I can't wait to follow your journey! FOUR little girls! Wow!! I'm so happy for you! The girls you chose are just wonderful. :o)

  3. Wow! and Congrats! I'll be watching your journey and praying for you!!

  4. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!! I'll be praying for this process for you and your sweet girls!

  5. Thank you everyone! Prayer is much appreciated. We know that God is faithful and will bring our girls home to us. But it still a nervous process, with all the what if's and such...Shane

  6. Congrats! Good luck on the upcoming fund-raisers. I came from RR website. Your house will be a very fun house once you get all 4 girls home!

  7. I am soooo looking forward to all the fun! We are preparing for all possibilities. Thanks for the encouragement! Shane & Diana