Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Roller Coaster ride

The day started out with us visiting our girls in the morning. It is always the best part of the day when we are greeted by four smiles, four hugs and four kisses. We were only able to spend about 45 minutes with them because we had a meeting about our court date today. It was enough time to get some playing in. As we were leaving we had a break through with Oksana. All the other girls love to give us a kiss goodbye. But, Oksana usually will give you her cheek. Today she insisted on a kiss just like the other girls. We understand her and where she is at right now. We found out that we are the third family that has committed to adopting her and she has been a bit protective of herself. So, we are seeing signs of her opening up. Praise God!

We were very concerned today is it looked possible that we would be having either two or four separate court dates because our girls are unrelated. We put a call out to our friends for prayer and God answered! We are scheduled for court on September 8th, one court session for all. We have an up hill climb ahead of us as we are in uncharted territory. We will be the first to adopt four unrelated children out of this region. Prayers are requested!

Tomorrow is another huge holiday here as it is the firs school bell after summer vacation. We're going to be picked up real early so we can walk our girls to class on this special occasion.

Full report tomorrow!

Peace and Love Friends!

Shane & Diana


  1. Praise God for answered prayers and that you will have just one court date to deal with. I will continue to pray for your family and especially on Sept.8 that everything will go smooth.


  2. PTL for the one court date for your girls!!

    I will continue to pray for the process.

    God Bless,
    Amy Land

  3. I will definitely be praying. We have court on the 9th and are in scary territory too. God is Able though to move the mountains in order to bring these children into homes!

  4. Here's to a smooth easy court date ! :) !