Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Bell!

Today, in the entire country, all the children return to school. It is a celebrated day here and they refer to it as "FIRST BELL". They have a ceremony where the senior class welcomes the kindergarten class in. It was great to watch and we thought about the everlasting impression that must leave on a 6 year old to have a teen celebrate the day you start school.

So, as you can see we were able to accompany our girls to their first day of school. It was such a great experience for us to share in their culture and create a memory!


  1. They are so cute all dolled up for school! Love the ukrainian bows :)

  2. They are so adorable! I can't help it, I just have to wonder how they can fit all those girls into the classroom alogn with their bows? :)