Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We have finished all of the paperwork in the region. Tomorrow we submit for passports and hope to have them Monday or Tuesday. After we have their passports we head to Kiev for two more days of paperwork, then.......HOME!!!!!

Friday we will have a going away party for the girls at the orphanage. After the party we dress them their new clothes and we take them away from there forever. We had hoped to be in Kiev before the weekend but it isn't going to work out. The bonus is that we will have the weekend with them to just stroll around the town and get to know each other.

A little video of me playing with my girls.


  1. Crazy to think we were doing the same paper chase, in the same region at this exact same time last year. Enjoy it will go by fast!! :) Praying you home!!

  2. I am convinced that we are all going to lose 10lbs playing with our newest children!!!! Enjoy getting to know each other:)