Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chloe Yana "Banana" in the morning. She is super strong headed but usually always giggly!

Tessa Katia Lewis is the ring leader. We walked to the store together last night for milk and i so loved it. She was so proud walking with Papa, at the same time so focused on the task.

Krista Oksana Lewis is a super cutie that is super mischievious. Always in to something.

Four movie stars on Gotcha day!

All dress, packed and ready to leave the orphanage forever.

Sorry for the long wait between posts. It has been very busy to say the least!

We GOT'EM! We took them out of the orphanage on Friday. The first night was SURVIVAL! They were out of control stimulated, running like crazy, screaming and into EVERYTHING. What made it worse was that we were staying with friends at their apartment. There wasn't one door or drawer left un-opened. Their bed time is 9pm, the first fell asleep at 1am.

The next day we called and rented our own apartment. It was much much better! Oksana is still into everything and light switches are her major weakness. Bath time is always an adventure. The first night was total chaos with some damage to shower curtains and rods. The second night was much better with only minor flooding. Last night we did it assembly line style and it worked out much better. Overall they have been a joy and blessing with moments that are challenging. They are all very loving.

That is all the time i have now. They are hovering over Papa wanting to go out to play.

Peace and Love!

Shane & Diana


  1. This makes my heart sing! I love it! Their new names are perfect for them!

  2. Yay! What about the 4th? What's her name? And what is she like? So excited for you!

  3. Ah, Brooke was having a bad hair day. She is the most attached to me and loves to be hugged and held. She is very smart and has an amazing memory.

  4. Beautiful princesses! Congratulations!

  5. CONGRATS! All the best for a swift transition. Sounds like an adventure for everyone :)

  6. Wonderful update! I had to laugh out loud - the light switches, the shower adventures - times four!!! Amazing - so thankful that you are all home. Many blessings to you all as you make this transition to being a family!!