Monday, August 23, 2010

The test of Fatherhood.

Diana has come down with a cold and opted to stay home and rest up. So, i went to see the girls by myself. Yes, it was active!!! Yes, i'm pooped!!! We had a great time and played like mad. I always had at least one girl in my arms, usually two and at times three. Maybe we'll try four tomorrow...NOT!

Each day we bring them some water and a small treat. To my amazement, they asked if tomorrow we could bring them fruit, meat, bread and cheese instead of candy? SURE! I'm all for that! in a few minutes i'll walk up to the store and prepare for tomorrow.

They are active but so so sweet. They love the attention from a Papa. The care givers kept telling them that Papa must be tired and that they should give him a break. They would respond "But our Father is strong". If they only knew just how tuckered i was.

Peace and Love to all of our friends!

Shane & Diana

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