Sunday, August 22, 2010

God Speed!

Everything went perfectly well today! Praise must be given to God because it could only be by His will that this was accomplished so quickly. We had to drive out to two of the villages where our girls were born to get a paper that allowed us to continue with the process. Because Monday and Tuesday are Holidays here it was declared that Saturday would be a work day. But our facilitator called for two days to let them know we were coming but no one answered. So, on a chance we drove way out in the country to two different villages and were able to get what we needed.

Today (Sunday) we will just stay here at our apartment. Tomorrow we start visiting our girls daily and just enjoying them.

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  1. So excited for you two and the girls. It seemed like it took forever for you to get there, and now you are finally living out your dream- the day you would meet your 4 girls face to face. I know you must be overwhelmed with emotion and thankfulness!! Praise God for parting the waters for you and getting that done so quickly. God truly gives favor and works through Mrs. Olga