Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Girls Talking!

Little Miss Chloe. Yes, she is really that cute all the time! We usually have to beg her to stop talking. At the wise age of 6 she has no problem setting you straight.

Miss Brooke. She tells you about the first birthday party she attended and a few more things. Diana and I had a great laugh watching her video.

I have two more videos to load but ran out of time. Enjoy these and i'll try to the the others up soon.


  1. Oh my heavens they are so sweet! I love Brooke's animation as she tries to describe whatever it is that goes with her butter.
    What blessings they are!

  2. Thank you for posting updates. I have been checking your blog regularly hoping for one! The girls are amazing.

  3. Please don't stop posting! I haven't stopped checking since you got home. The kids are so cute!

  4. I love how Chloe says "everything" using her hands, she's too cute! And they are speaking English really well!

  5. I too have followed your journey from the link on reece's rainbow site. It's wonderfull to see the girls blossoming in your family. They are all so unique. You inspire me! God bless you. Greetings from Belgium. Cléo (a newlywed considering (international? HIV+?) adoption in the future)