Friday, July 23, 2010

Waiting Stinks!

We are so close that the anticipation is nearly killing us. We know this is God's will and we must accept God's timing. Easier said than done! God continues to show us His faithfulness and each time we learn to trust Him a bit more. Sometimes I feel a little guilty for not being able to fully trust. I think that is maybe part of the process of growing into the comfort of His love?

I thank God for the people He has circled around us to walk and comfort us through this process. As we reflect back it all seems to come in excellent timing. The Twietmeyers, Houstys, Dykstras, Buckmasters, Hiems, Allens, Kocis', Jones', Devenouges, Batemans....and many others that seem to ebb and flow in perfect choreography as we journey through the process.

After reading a friends BLOG this morning many thoughts I had seemed to come together in perfect clarity. From the beginning people will always tell you "That is such a great thing your doing". And it was a great thing we are doing for possibly the first month of the process. Then it starts getting difficult and very emotional. You start to second guess yourself. All through the process God is growing and preparing you for the "gotcha" day. On the surface it seems like alot to go through and you think it is a shame it has to be so difficult to "save" children. I believe the process is perfectly difficult and necessary. It changes you as a person. The Journey is a requirement and a blessing in itself. We are not the same people we were back in November when we started this journey!

Next update will be pictures of the girls room. Diana was up until midnight working on it. Not that it needs much still, but it helps her deal with the waiting.


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  1. Looks like we will likely be in EE together!!! We are adopting CHarlie & Zhora(Levi) We need to exchange info so we can meet up once we are there:) email us at
    ~Charlie & Levi's Mommy:)