Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dossier sent!!!

I woke up at 5am this morning and headed south for my two hour drive to Indianapolis to get the final three ducoments for our Dossier Apostilled. I figured they must open at 9am and since they are on EST that would mean they open at 8am our time. I kept thinking I was going to have traffic issues since i'd be hitting Indy at morning rush hour.....But it was as if God cleared a path for me. I wasn't delayed at all!

I arrived at the Government building about 8:45am EST. Pulled up front and there was one open parking spot right in front of the entrance. I walked inside, cleared the security check and arrived at the Secretary of States office about 8:50am. There was no waiting and within 5 minutes i was back out the door.

I drove back home and finished putting the papers in order. Then the OCD kicked in. I sat that the table for what seemed like an hour just rechecking the Dossier. This is hilarious because i had just yesterday gone through it for hours as well. I guess after all the time and effort it is hard to accept that the paperwork is actually done!

Diana and I drove to UPS together.....And off it went!

I always think that the process will get a little less stressful the closer we get to bringing our girls home. I guess I feel a little less stressed but i realize that until they are here in our home safely tucked away in thier beds i won't be able to rest.


  1. I cant believe it's on its way!!!!! woohoo! it must be hard to let it go!

  2. Ha Ha! Yes Molly, it was. I was kinda freaking out because after we paid the $55 the Dossier was still sitting there on the scale outside of the UPS red envelope. We couldn't leave it like that. We bundled it up, checked for a good seal and took pictures. When we handed it back to the lady she just tossed it on the counter. I was thinking "what, no armed guard"? Now we are tracking it every 30 minutes hoping for a new progress report. They have medicine for this right?

  3. Praise God everything went so well for your trip to the govt. office! I am praying your "dossier baby" is safely delivered in a timely manner. :) I'm so excited for you to meet & bring home your girls.