Friday, April 2, 2010

New names and a new life

We had not previously posted the pictures or information about our girls at the advice of a friend. We had time to consider it all and have decided to introduce them to you.
We have decided to give them all new first names so that they will feel chosen and accepted into our family. Thier current first names will be thier middle names so they have a choice when they are older.

Meet Brooke Natasha Lewis! She is 7 and the only one that we know of that knew her mother. I cry every time I tell the story about her Dolls. We are told she plays with dolls and is very proud of them. She really lights up when talking about them. She is always obsessing over them and takes exceptional care of them. The poor child doesn’t understand why she is in an Orphanage and why her mommy left her there. So her way of dealing with it is to care for the dolls the way she wishes she would have been cared for. She says to her Dolls “I will always Love you and will never leave you so you will not feel lonely!

Meet Chloe Yana Lewis! She is 5 and the absolute cutest little button you'll ever see. We are told that she sings constantly and that she has an amazing voice for such a little girl.

Meet Tessa Katia Lewis! She is 6 and as you can see has SUPER smile power!

Meet Krista Oksana Lewis! The is the little angel that stole our hearts at first sight and started us on this journey. We still don't know much about her. Only that she is 6 and doesn't smile in any of her pictures.


  1. Hello, i just found you through Reece's Rainbow. I hope you don't bother about me following your story.. I just want to tell you that your girls are beautiful angels! I hope you can get them soon, so they'll have the life they deserve! God bless you and your family, and take care of your girls while they wait for you

  2. Thank you Emi for the kind words!

  3. Shane,

    Although I have seen pictures of your girls before, it is so nice to "meet" them this way. I can feel the love and what a proud Papa you are in your description of each of them. I love all of their new first names! Can't wait to see them home where they belong.


  4. Jaime, Your such an inspiration to our family! Your kind words mean more to us than you know!

  5. They are precious. Are you open to them continuing to use their EE names if they so desire? I have an 40+ yr old friend who was adopted overseas at age 8 and he says the worst two things about it was having his name/identity changed without having a say in the matter and being circumcised. I think I've told you before, but I am SO happy for your family and for the girls.

  6. Absolutely!!! We have heard both sides of it, some felt a new name meant a fresh start and acceptance, others said it was a connection to life before adoption. We wanted them to make the choice when they were old enough.

  7. They are beautiful girls and I am so excited to see them come home! Thank you for introducing them this way - how special they are!!

  8. Congratulations! They are absolutely precious!!! What a blessed mommy you are. :0)